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Why The Shepherds?

It’s Christmas Day! As you think back to that first Christmas, when Jesus came to the world as a baby born to Mary and Joseph, what comes to mind? Perhaps you imagine shepherds and their sheep. You might also picture the three wise men… Continue Reading “Why The Shepherds?”

What Did Joseph Do?

There is little known about Joseph, earthly father to Jesus.  He comes on the scene when we learn that he was engaged to Mary.  By cultural standards, Joseph was probably much older than Mary.  Mary, by contrast, may have been as young as 14… Continue Reading “What Did Joseph Do?”

The Night When Jesus Was Born

I had lunch with a dear friend this week.  As we were talking, my friend began to talk about the Christmas story.  She is to teach on this subject in her Bible class on Sunday.  She told me that, as she was contemplating this… Continue Reading “The Night When Jesus Was Born”

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