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Cultural Adjustment

I have had the pleasure and adventure of spending a lifetime in different cultures.  Things Asian are different than things European.  Things European are different than things American.  Things American are different than things African.  No two countries are alike, even if they speak… Continue Reading “Cultural Adjustment”

Just Passing Through

I did something earlier in the week that I had, at one time, told myself I would never do again.  I watched a Lassie movie.  I knew what it would do to me.  Yes, floods of tears as dear Lassie was lost from her… Continue Reading “Just Passing Through”

Just Passing Through

Last week I shared the news that friends of mine got a puppy.  This collie-husky cross was nameless last week.  Today, she is called — Mishka.  I stopped by earlier this week to visit Mishka.  It had not even been a week since she… Continue Reading “Just Passing Through”

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