Leaning And Basking

My dog sitting has come to an end with Rasta the Collie, but in just two days, Katie the Schnauzer will arrive.  I’m anticipating the event with gladness as saying good-bye to Rasta was filled with sadness for me, but  of course, great gladness for her family.  There was a great tail swishing of excitement from Rasta at this reunion.

I love watching dog behavior and their reactions to people and situations. I find it very interesting.  For example, I observe when I’m keeping dogs that, whatever room I go to, they come as well.  They have a radar that, even in a seemingly deep sleep, and even with me tiptoeing away, they detect the movement and here they come after me.  They always look so pleased and content just to be with me wherever I go.  I find that so sweet.

Observing this behavior in dogs has made me question something in myself.  Do I have the same desire and take the same delight in spending time with my heavenly Father?  Oh, I know He’s omniscient and is everywhere at once, but in the places of my heart where He resides by His Holy Spirit, do I always want to  acknowledge Him there and bask in His presence?

I recall times of loveliness just being with Him and thinking about Him.  At such moments, words aren’t always necessary.  We’re just together and it’s so sweet.  I can recall the sweetness so vividly, so the question comes, “Why do I ever stop?  Why do I let the busyness of life keep me away?”

Do you remember the story recorded in John 13 where Jesus and His disciples are having the Passover meal together?  At one point John leans back and rests his head on Jesus’ chest.  They were all reclining, as was the custom to eat, so it was easy for John to lean back on Jesus.  He wanted to ask Jesus a question, so he leaned on Him to talk.

The Scripture refers to John as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  Of course, we all know that Jesus loved and still loves us all the same.  Even so, there are some with whom He has a sweeter relationship.  He can’t have a sweet relationship with those of us who get too busy to spend time with Him.  The sweetness is for those who take the time to lean on Him and bask in His presence.  Remember, words aren’t always necessary, but an awareness of His presence is vital to having a sweet walk with Him or not.

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