It Was In The Back Of The Closet

It has been so cold here in the UK.  Yesterday an icy wind was biting at my neck so I tightened my scarf and pulled on a hat.  That was better.  It’s been like this for days so, naturally, I’ve been putting my sweaters to good use.  In fact, I’ve put them to such good use that last night I realized they were now all in the dirty clothes basket.  Oh dear.  Must wash them in the morning, but wait, what do I put on tomorrow?  I shivered just thinking about a day with no sweater to wear.

I rummaged around in the chest of drawers and looked again on the shelves in my closet and then – what?  Oh joy!  A lovely, blue pullover sweater appeared to my delighted eyes!  I had forgotten all about it.  I couldn’t even remember I had that one.  I made a mental note to sort out my closet, making clothes a little easier to find.

This morning I got up and put on that warm, blue sweater.  Ah, I can face the weather now.  What a blessing of warmth my blue sweater will be on another cold day.  As I thought about my sweater that had been tucked away, I thought too of God’s blessings available to me.

God has given us so many promises, that if remembered and put to use, we would be warmly blessed in all life’s situations.  However, sometimes we forget they are there.  His promises get pushed back in our closets of busyness, and lost on our shelves of life’s worries.  In panic, we can mistakenly believe we have to face the world’s weather dressed in inappropriate attire.

How untrue.  Father God provides clothing of peace, wisdom, courage, joy, and guidance; everything we need to face the elements this world puts at our door.  God’s promises are not really lost.  They are there, perhaps tucked away and forgotten, but ready to be found again when we come to attention and call to Father to help us.

I love the following verses in Proverbs 4:20-22:

“Pay attention, my child, to what I say.  Listen carefully.  Don’t lose sight of my words.  Let them penetrate deep within your heart, for they bring life and radiant health to anyone who discovers their meaning.”

Whatever your are facing today, remember to look into your spiritual closet, and you will find just what you need to stay warm and protected no matter the weather.

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