Shared Excitement!

We have a dear friend from America visiting us here in the UK.  Each day has been something new.  My mother and I have enjoyed every moment.  While all our touring is going on, we decided it was best for our dog, Jack, to go to his hotel.  It’s a lovely boarding facility.  They have large fenced in and gated grounds.  The dogs are taken out everyday to run in the woods and play in the grassy laid areas.  Whenever I take Jack, he is full of happiness.  He never even looks back at me as they come to take him away.  His tail is up as he trots onward, ready for playtime with new canine friends.

While we are glad that Jack is happy, we still miss him, and look forward to his return.  The plan has been that we will come for him on Monday.  However, our neighbor suggested that we get him on Saturday.  He will be home from work and can look after Jack while we are taking our friend out and about, seeing the sights of our UK home.  My excitement rose!  Mom, too!  What a welcome idea!  We know, also, that as happy as Jack has been, he will be terribly excited when we arrive to bring him back home.

My rousing anticipation of going to get Jack made me think of something that has never entered my mind before.  It concerned thoughts about the return of Jesus.  Often I have had a sense of thrill at the thought of Jesus coming again, of seeing Him face to face, but never have I thought about how excited Jesus would be, too!  Think about it.  Jesus loves us so very much.  He is looking forward to the day when He will come for us and set up His kingdom on earth.  When He returns, an eternity of sheer bliss begins.  He is waiting with eagerness!  He doesn’t know when He is coming, so with the signs of the times, His own anticipation must be mounting!  Jesus told us in Matthew 24:36, “No one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son Himself!  Only the Father knows.”  What an extraordinary thought!  Just as we are awaiting His return with great eagerness, Jesus is also waiting with a passion that we can only imagine!   At His Father’s word, He will come swiftly for us.  What a thrill this is going to be, for us, and for Him, too.


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  1. I felt that when I saw the YouTube film, Christian the lion cub from Harrods. A lion cubs was adopted by 2 Australians in the 60s. They raised him in London until he was too big to cope with. Through the Born Free actors they finally got Christian to Africa with George Adamson. Christian settled into African life very nicely. A year later the 2 Australians returned to Africa, not knowing if Christian would turn up or if the lion would recognise them. He did turn up, but paid little attention until one of the men, who could not contain himself any longer,spoke his name. Then the lion came running to him, well like a dog would Great you if he hadn’t seen you for a very long time. I thought then, many have given their lives to Jesus, but because of life, have lost their way a bit, then they die or Jesus returns. He has not forgotten them, his love hasn’t been sidetracked, He cannot resist, He will call you by name and you will hear and come running. The reunion will be like that of Christian, the lion to the man who lived him.

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