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Jack and Bree

Earlier this week, our dog, Jack, and I were taking a walk beneath an avenue of trees near the sea front. It was a lovely, just right, sort of day with a blue sky, warm sunshine, squirrels jumping from limb to limb and birds… Continue Reading “Jack and Bree”

The Coach

My mother and I have been enjoying watching the European Championships this week. We especially like the aquatic sports and gymnastics. After the awards ceremonies, when gold, silver, and bronze medals are placed around the winner’s necks, the interviews take place. The athletes talk… Continue Reading “The Coach”

Hurting For My Boy

Those of you who know me or who read my blog regularly, will probably guess that the title of this week’s entry refers to my dog, Jack. Jack is so affectionate and playful. He loves meeting with other dogs, playing chase, splashing in puddles,… Continue Reading “Hurting For My Boy”

Blind Faith

I was watching America’s Got Talent last night.  My mother and I have enjoyed viewing each week as the aspiring contestants showcased their talents in hopes of winning the grand prize.  The acts are varied; all ages represented. One act was a man and… Continue Reading “Blind Faith”

When It’s Time To Run!

My mother and I did some grocery shopping this week.  I was pushing the cart up one aisle and down the other.  Several others were busy with their own shopping.  I noticed a young mother with a very little one strapped into a baby… Continue Reading “When It’s Time To Run!”

Living Through Rejection

No one likes to entertain the thought that someone they love doesn’t want them. When suspicions of rejection turns into reality, the pain goes deep. Wounds of dejection shatter our hopes, leaving scars that refuse to give our minds rest from the memory of… Continue Reading “Living Through Rejection”

Free Falling In Pain And Grief

This week a dear friend wrote to me sharing her concerns — not the least of them — grief for her Marine son killed in action. She wrote, “I feel I am in free fall.” I looked up “free fall,” and this is what… Continue Reading “Free Falling In Pain And Grief”

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