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It Was In Her Pocket

Yesterday my mother couldn’t find her watch.  She remembered putting it on her bedside table before going to bed the night before.  Now she couldn’t find it.  I joined in the search.  We retraced her steps.  We looked in the bathroom, on the little… Continue Reading “It Was In Her Pocket”

When It’s Time To Run!

My mother and I did some grocery shopping this week.  I was pushing the cart up one aisle and down the other.  Several others were busy with their own shopping.  I noticed a young mother with a very little one strapped into a baby… Continue Reading “When It’s Time To Run!”

When Escape Seems Impossible

In last week’s blog I wrote about Daniel in the lion’s den.  His treatment was unjust.  Daniel was an old man at the time and armed only with the unseen weapon of prayer.  You know the story; Daniel was miraculously kept safe from the… Continue Reading “When Escape Seems Impossible”

It Was The Dog Who Reminded Me

I have often shared things that I have been reminded of through our cats.  Today I want to share something that came to mind through our dog, Bud. Bud is big and black, a great defender, (he once got a would-be intruder down and… Continue Reading “It Was The Dog Who Reminded Me”

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