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A Table Laden With Hope

Have you ever woken up and you just feel sad? Nothing is wrong; perhaps, everything is actually going very well, but you feel a bit glum. You don’t know why. You try to shake it. Maybe you engage in retail therapy. Maybe you take… Continue Reading “A Table Laden With Hope”

Diagnosis and Prescription

The IV pump dripped antibiotics into my mother’s arm.  A nurse stood near taking vital signs.  Another nurse brought tablets and poured a glass of water.  My mother swallowed them and lay back on her pillows.  Another day in ICU.  (Wonderfully, she’s home now.)… Continue Reading “Diagnosis and Prescription”

A Time Is Coming

The earth is groaning with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and forest fires.  People are groaning with poverty, physical sickness, mental illness, and broken relationships. In it all we ask ourselves — why?  I’m sure you’ve heard people ask the question, “if there is a… Continue Reading “A Time Is Coming”

Why Me?

Recently I met with an elderly man.  He is 93 years old, frail in body; in fact, wracked with pain, but sharp and alert in his mind.  His parents were believers and passed on to him a deep love for God.  He told me… Continue Reading “Why Me?”

When Escape Seems Impossible

In last week’s blog I wrote about Daniel in the lion’s den.  His treatment was unjust.  Daniel was an old man at the time and armed only with the unseen weapon of prayer.  You know the story; Daniel was miraculously kept safe from the… Continue Reading “When Escape Seems Impossible”

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