The Illusionist

Recently I was reading an article about an illusionist. The journalist interviewing him tried to ply him for the secret of a certain illusion. Of course, the entertainer was not going to reveal his methods. Such a revelation would ruin his act. Many years ago my parents and I went to see the famous illusionist, David Copperfield. It was an amazing night of entertainment. I remember a moment when David Copperfield was standing on stage speaking to us. All of a sudden a black drape dropped to the floor in front on him and immediately lifted again. He was gone. It was only a second or two but he was gone. Where was he? We all gasped as we heard him calling out to us from behind, walking down the aisle and back to the stage. How did he do it? It seemed impossible, like he was in two places at once. It was all the fun of the illusion.

Satan tries hard to make us think he is an illusionist — someone seemingly not there but present at all times. Of course, this is not so. Satan is not omnipresent. He must go when we command him to do so in the name of Jesus. When we recognize his instilling of fear or temptation, we may, in the authority of Jesus, command him and his demons to go! They must! Will they come back at a later time with more attempts to plague us and tempt us? Yes, but that is why we must stay daily focused on the Word and on Jesus. When we keep our minds steadfast on Jesus, calling upon the Holy Spirit within us to keep us aware, then no demonic influence will gain a hold on us. Satan is thwarted every single time and made to go away when we stand up to him in the name of Jesus.

God is the only One omnipresent. He is ever present to help us. As it tells us in Psalm 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in times of trouble.” Our satanic enemy lies, trying to make us believe that God leaves us in times of trouble, that He is not there when we need Him most. Remember, Satan always attempts to kick down the saints when we are already hurting and wounded. Never look at him and listen; always look up, eyes steadfast on the One “who never fails you or abandons you,” as we are told in Hebrews 13:5.

Satan is an evil trickster, but he is not always there. God is a holy provider for all we need to get through anything at all. Eyes up! He is with you! Help is on the ready. Comfort is always available.

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